It’s almost that time of year again. Loads of eating, drinking and being merry. Staying on track can be tough and there will be moments of temptation and indulgence – and why not! If ever there was a time to let your hair down the holidays are most certainly it. Nobody wants to be calorie counting this festive season and there is no reason to.

There aren’t many healthy options when it comes to Christmas lunches, dinners and work parties. But with a bit of planning you can meet the New Year without looking like the jolly big fellow in red.

So here are a few alternatives to keep you on track as we enter the season of indulgence.

  1. Stock up on healthy alternatives and snacks that are high in good fats to keep you satisfied for longer and less inclined to pig out. Options such as carrot sticks and humus, baby tomatoes and strong cheese are both good alternative snacks when guests visit. Blue berries and assorted nuts or avocado on toast will help fill the gaps between meals.
  2. A big healthy breakfast, such as poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon or avocado. Will help keep your blood sugar level though out the day and help dodge those dreaded cravings and temptations.
  3. Offer to make a healthy salad/meal option for functions and parties to ensure that there will be at least one healthy option available. Try get a friend or colleague to do the same. Stick to lean cuts of meat, like chicken and turkey and avoid stuffing and gravies. It’s always tough to say no to dessert, instead exercise discretion and portion control.
  4. Drink a lot of water this season, this will help cleanse your system as well as help with digestion.  A glass of water between wines will do wonders!
  5. Get an early morning walk, run or cycle in before the in laws wake up. Games consoles that make you stand and move are an ideal post indulgence activity. If you are going on holiday, make it an active holiday away, such as mountain biking or skiing.
  6. Walking or cycling to friends and family is a great way to get in some pre and post indulgence activity.
  7. Get friends and family on bored with your indulgence curbing activities and the impact is multiplied.

If you prepare your meals and snacks a week beforehand and eat healthy wherever possible you should have no reason to feel guilty with the odd indulgence, but if you do nothing else this season, exercise portion control.

Have a great festive season!!