Become a  Winter Warrior
So today I got ready for my usual ride.  Its generally fairly hassle free sprint out towards Epping and back.
I felt good, fresh and eager to hit the trails! But the minute I opened the back door to get my bike out, that chill hit me. Winter is on its way! I have been ignoring the signs and acting as though summer will never end. But that time has come to give up, put the kettle on and see what’s on the tele or “suck it up!”
1. Now here’s the secret! A bit of tough love goes a long way. “Suck it up princess!”, nothing more than ignoring that little voice that calls you back to the nice warm sofa. “It’s tough but you can do it!” It is always motivating when you recognise the same tough guys and girls that suffer in silence each winter. It’s the knowing look you share with that mud covered comrade who recognises you too and automatically qualifies your entry into that very elite club of “Winter Warriors”
2.It is important to stay warm, but as you warm up to training temp you are going to want to strip off a layer, so dress accordingly. Use two or three layers to get the desired temperature.
3.Keep your feet warm and dry. Cycling leaves your feet exposed to the frigid elements and doesn’t offer the same degree of venous return gained from running, where new blood is massaged into the feet with each step. So invest in some thermal water proof socks.
4.Don’t over tighten your shoe laces, this will restrict blood flow to your feet leaving them cold.
5.Always carry a bin bag in your pocket or back pack, it will save you in the event of a sudden downpour. Cut three holes, for head and arms – Instant waterproof!
6.Invest in a Bluetooth heart rate chest strap. There are a number of monitors that connect directly to your smart phone and eliminate the need for a watch or GPS. Download a Running or cycling app that assist you in planning and tracking your training each week. This will keep you accountable and it will assist in monitoring your progress each session.
7.Regular Foam rolling and stretching is almost as good as a regular massage at a fraction of the cost. It’s an essential part of any winter warriors recovery regime. Keeping you training hard and injury free.