Are you investing in poor fitness?

I sat down with a friend last week to discuss which direction to take my business. He is a very clued up marketing guy. The more we discussed how to build a solid business with goals and strategies, the more I thought about my clients and how this business model could lend itself to health and fitness.

invest in yourself(7) Four Facets of Fitness

Would you invest in a business that showed little or no returns year after year? It’s the same with our fitness strategies. If something is not working for you then it has no place in your schedule. In fairness, we have media telling us what is hip, happening and the cutting edge. But at the end of the day what is your goal? I don’t mean loose weight, tone up. I’m talking about happiness. That little voice inside that says “hello world, I’m happy in my own skin” if you are happy, nothing else really matters.

So approach health and fitness this same way.


Goal: Happiness! Family time! Happy in my own skin! Everything else should be a strategies to achieve your goals.

Strategies: What will make you Happy?

Lose weigh, get fit

Eat better, get healthy

More energy for the kids

Tasks: Great! Now how are you going to achieve these strategies?



Fitness Bootcamp

Personal trainer

Reality: How many of these are tasks will realistically help you achieve your goal? Ask yourself 3 questions:

Will I enjoy it?

Can I realistically commit?

Will it be effective?

Development: What needs to change, improve to make these tasks achievable.

For example, if you haven’t ever run before, consider a Gate Analysis at your local running store. If you are concerned about your fitness level before joining a Bootcamp, then arrange to meet a Personal Trainer for a few 1 to 1 sessions first.  This is where you eliminate an factors that may get in the way of you completing the tasks.

Execution: And finally getting out there and do it.

If your first strategy doesn’t work, go back to the top of the list. Then fine tune each step and assess where you may have gone wrong. And finally if you can’t seem to get it to work, stop investing in that strategy and find another one. There are so many ways other than pounding the pavement.

Don’t keep investing in poor results. Invest in happiness!