Mandy Cook

I started coming to Noel in September 2012 to increase my fitness and lose my baby tummy. It took a few sessions to get used to the exercises, with Noel correcting posture and assessing weak areas. The sessions really fun, you meet lots of equally motivated people with different issues but exercises are still always relevant to you. I’ve found a new hobby from going to Noel, boxing, I’m totally hooked (pardon the pun!). Noel also offers advice on nuttition and gives you exercises for home. The results for me so far is that I am much less grumpy, I have more energy, my lumps and bumps are reducing, my fitness has increased, I’m having fun and it’s such good value for money. If you’re willing work hard and listen you will get the results you want and more!

Mandy started Personal Training 1to1 to lose your baby tummy. Mandy wasn't over weight and didn't need to loose any weight as such, but her tummy specifically wasn't how she would have liked. She had two kids under 4 and hadn't really address here core post pregnancy. So we basically needed to give her a tummy tuck with exercise. We had to be careful to strength her core and build her pelvic floor as with most post pregnancy mums. We did core work and mixed in some kick boxing which Mandy seemed to love, so we switched from weights to a high intensity boxing style circuit training. Our plan was to keep intensity high as Mandy wanted to drop weight, but we kept strict focus not to put her at risk while we strengthened her core. Mandy reached her goal fairly quickly then moved into the group training and hasn't looked back. Well done!


Eren Zekioglu

Please Big thank you to Noel at Training System, for my new stomach. With his motivation, education, and focus on my goals, the 3’s company workout sessions are now part of my life. 5 weeks!"   Eren, didn't have a lot to lose and wanted his 6 pack quick. He stuck to the eating plan brilliantly and didn't miss a session.

Eren is a very charismatic and fun guy, but he had a high stress job, poor sleeping habits and snacked on all the wrong things. He has a busy schedule and flies internationally every month for work. We couldn't change his job but we could change his approach to training and his attitude to rest. We discussed options and decided the group fitness would best suit Eren. He's a very sociable and outgoing guy and brought a lot of energy and colour to our sessions. Erens natural body type is slender but very strong, so body weight training wouldn't be enough to bring big changes. Our best hopes of success were to challenge him with regular strength training. Our main focus were compound movements to bring as many big muscle groups into play as possible (big testosterone release) This wouldn't be my approach with everyone this early in but Eren needed an extra challenge to get his body to adapt and he had trained with a personal trainer before and had a fantastic natural squat. So we were able to jump straight in! Our focus was too tone what muscle he already had and lean up by making small changes with he diet as well as HIIT training plan.


Luke Peckam

I started personal training with Noel in October 2012, I hadn’t really trained for any length of time before so it was all new to me.  My main goal at the start was to lose some weight and look better.  So far i’ve lost about 40lbs and i’m getting very close to my goal weight.  There have also been a lot of additional benefits which I wasn’t really expecting: i have more energy, I don’t feel run down all the time, I’m much stronger and faster and I don’t get out of breath all the time like I used to.  It was made a huge difference to my life.  Noel has been a great person to train with, he really knows his stuff and creates programmes which offer a nice blend of things that I enjoy doing and things that I need to do.  I really look forward to every session and Noel’s manner and professionalism is a big reason behind that.

Luke is a numbers man, he likes graphs, percentages and results! So it made sense when he got in touch to put him on a strict plan with numbers and graphs :) He spends a lot of time behind the computer and can be very inactive for much of the day and often has to do work with clients overseas which often meant conference calls in the middle of the night. Luke was very proactive with his diet and measured his macros everyday. His goal was to drop weight and build some muscle. We installed a small gym in his house and focus on hypertrophy specific work (body building). We used 4-6 week periodised training plan. This meant that the plan was pretty rigid, but Luke could see specific incremental results and this motivated him. Luke picked up a lean muscle and lost 40lbs and is continuing to lose weight.